Meet the team

Our smile maker’s are coming from all over the world and based in France and in Vietnam.

We are currently building a training curriculum. Every volunteer in our organization will need to take this training if they want to participate in our activities. This will provide information about safety in a hospital setting, basic information on ethics and appropriate social interaction with vulnerable populations. 

Each person involved in One Kid One Smile (OKOS) must read and sign an “Ethic Obligations” form and a “Declaration of Criminal Record” form. This is to ensure that every member of our team understands the sensitivity of our work and accepts to follow the rules we have put in place to ensure the children’s security. 

Most of the Vietnam’s based team members are in charge of at least one workshop. Our goal is that everyone involved in OKOS deeply understands the work we do by experiencing fieldwork with the children.

Grégoire Du Boullay


Grégoire is passionately curious and has a deep desire to help underprivileged children in Vietnam. After over 20 years of  experience working in Business in France, he co- founded OKOS. Now based in Hoi An, Vietnam, he monitors the projects, ensures France-Vietnam relationships and created partnerships for the future. He is now, the only financial sponsor of the organization.

Quyen Nhat Phat

Co-founder & President of the Vietnamese branch

Quyen is dedicating her life to children in her country. After over 10 years in the IT industry worldwide, she co-founded OKOS. President of the Vietnamese branch of the NPO, she is in charge of relations with Official Vietnamese Partners, the Smile Makers and the organization of OKOS actions. 

Jean-Yves Boulain

President of the French Organization

As graduate of the Lille School of Journalism, Jean-Yves pursued his career in media: radio, television and national daily press. Retired since 2004 in the Paris region, he wishes to devote his time and experience to people in need. As longtime friend of Grégoire, it was only natural that he took over the presidency of One Kid One Smile to ensure the link between France and Vietnam. According to him, the laughter of a child is a universal reward that does not need translation.

Michel Vielledent

General Secretary of the French Organization

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Lucas Du Boullay

Treasurer of the French Organization

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Chloé Manseau Lafond

Social & Ethics Advisor

When Chloe is not being silly in front of a group of kids, she can be found doing research about social art and humanitarian clowning. After she studied in social work in Canada, she joined OKOS and to share her passion for creative and innovative interventions. She makes sure the work we do is socially sustainable and supported by research on top of defining the ethical boundaries of our actions.

Jérémy Clerc

Health & Security Advisor

Dr Clerc Id Rpps: 10000497817

Jérémy has been working in Paediatric Haematology and oncology with L’institut Français de Cancerologie since 2013. In 2017, he started working in Vietnam in association with the research teams of French Institute in order to boost Vietnamese children’s recovery rates, limit late side-effects linked to the disease or treatments and improve the care of the children and their families.

His dedication to hospitalized children led him to meet OKOS. It was natural for him to join the project in 2019 with the ambition of helping families escape the Hospital’s reality for a while. 

Chris Love

Photographer and animator

Originally from Texas, USA, Chris now lives in Hoi An, Vietnam, as a professional photographer. His number one passion is working with children and be a role model to them. His aim is to hit a smile and a glimmer of hope to every child he meets to help them face any situation that they may be going through. Combined to his passion for photography, Chris organizes workshops every month and helps us capture the moments we spend together.

Manon Coine

Marketing & Communication officer in Vietnam

In 2019, after over 5 years of experience in cultural communication in Paris, Manon decided to move to Vietnam and to get involved in projects that moves her. Deeply committed to the humanitarian and social cause, she has always been convinced that every action taken, even on a small scale, could make a difference. In charge of the marketing and communication in Vietnam, she’s creatively helping One Kid One Smile growing, while organizing and holding workshops for the children.

Carine Loison

Marketing & Communication officer in France

After her studies in marketing, web and design in France, she moved to Vietnam were she could build her own projects while working as Communication Manager in an IT Company. After living in Vietnam for 5 years, she knows the Vietnamese medical system and its conditions from a personal experience and is willing to strive to help improve the patient’s experience in their hospitalization. In charge of marketing and communication in France, she helps the association developing by being the link between France and Vietnam.

Want to become a smile maker?

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and volunteer people to join our team. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to our organization.

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