One Kid One Smile is a Non Profit Organization founded in France under the “Association Loi 1901” status. Our branch in Da Nang, Vietnam, was created in 2016 and is allowed to operate since September 2019 upon the signed agreement with the Children’s Right Protection service of the Social Affairs of Da Nang City. All of our activities are executed under the supervision of this organization.

Our actions are made possible by our partnerships with hospitals and our collaboration with children and their families. Without their open mind and their support, we wouldn’t be able to create successful activities. Our close relationship with the local community ensures a cultural sensibility, the sustainability of our activities and a good communication between every actor of our organization.

We first developed a strong base at the Women and Children Hospital of Da Nang. There, we built our team, consolidated our activities and formed our expertise. We are now building partnerships in other hospitals in Da Nang and looking forward to offer our services in other Vietnamese cities. 

We always operate, at least, in teams of two and with minimum one local volunteer to ensure good communication between everyone. Working in teams is important to us because it promotes creativity, heterogeneity, collaboration and momentum. 

The goal for each of our action is to promote children’s empowerment and to make them feel they can laugh and play, as children should be. We want to make them feel like they can have a choice and that their individuality is important, in a setting where their decision making is very limited. Working in group settings, the children can also enjoy playing together, making friends and enhance their bond. The parents can also benefit from these activities, by seeing their child succeed, and be happy on top of sharing positive moments with them. They can use these activities to meet other parents that live in a similar situation or take a moment by themselves as a short respite. Furthermore, laughing, creating and moving has been scientifically proven to be calming and stress-relieving.